Learn English with the British Council

Participate in a SMS based English language programme by the British Council through Etisalat. Receive questions and language tips daily. Receive tips on how to speak in English with Sinhala or Tamil translations. Answers will be evaluated and explained to you. Individual progress will be reported twice a month.

This service is available in three levels.

Elementary Level

This is the default level of this service.

Reg : Send ENG ELE to 3333
Dereg : Send STOP to 3333

Intermediate Level

Reg : Send ENG INT to 3333
Dereg : Send STOP to 3333

Advanced Level

Reg : Send ENG nov to 3333
Dereg : Send STOP to 3333

To get SMS Help send ENG HELP to 3333
To select preferred language send ENG SIN to 3333 for Sinhala or ENG TAM to 3333 for Tamil

Dereg Code: Send STOP to 3333

Rs. 50 will be charged per month for the service (Rs. 25 charged for 15 days)
For the first time users first 15 days are free.

Above charges excludes Government Taxes.