First in South Asia

Etisalat Sri Lanka is the first Mobile Network service provider in South Asia to offer Dual Carrier HSPA+ technology. With this Etisalat is the fastest internet connectivity capable of very fast access, mobile TV applications, video streaming and video calls. Etisalat providing the best technology to explore the world Wide Web, also offers Net Nanny - one of the best Parental Control Software aimed at protecting younger users from online content along with smart Internet offers, Accessories and expert customer support.

6 times faster than any other in Sri Lanka

Etisalat Sri Lanka is the only Mobile Broadband Service provider with the wireless network infrastructure capable of provide 6 times faster internet services in Sri lanka.

63rd mobile operator world wide

Etisalat Sri Lanka is proudly announce as the 63rd network to introduce Dual Carrier HSPA+ enable technology in the world. The new introduction takes Sri Lanka a leap forward in High speed mobile broadband market.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dual Carrier HSPA+ Technology

This is the next evolution of 3G technology from HSPA+ (3.75G). Theoretical Maximum speed that can be achieved with DC-HSPA+, is 42 Mbps. So this has doubled the theoretically achievable max. Speed of 21.1 Mbps in HSPA+ Higher data speeds are made possible with DC-HSPA+ as we are using two 5MHz carriers in our 3.75G Network.

We have upgraded our 3.75G network to support DC-HSPA+. So this is available where ever our 3G coverage exists.

Yes. In order to experience faster speeds with DC-HSPA+, you need to use a DC HSPA+ compatible device.

No. There will not be any impact to those devices supporting HSDPA or HSPA+. Network is fully backward compatible and supports all kinds of devices.

You can double whatever the speed you receive from HSPA+ with DC-HSPA+. You will experience really fast download speeds.

Yes. System requirements are same as HSPA+ supporting PC. Hence, any PC that works well with an HSPA+ device should work well with the DC-HSPA+ device.

No. Speed will depend on the maximum DL capability of a particular modem.

With a 42Mbps HSPA+ modem, you can enjoy better internet surfing experience and online gaming experience as it has low latency. You will also enjoy great video viewing experience in SD or HD format.

Users are advised to check on the hardware and connectivity specification as the data speed of different devices may vary.
The iPad2 for example, can only attain a maximum speed of 14.4Mbps.