Choose your very own VIP Number

Now you can reserve your very own VIP number by calling our hotline number 1727 starting from Rs. 3,000 upwards

Steps to get your VIP Number

Steps to get your VIP Number

Step 1

Customer to call the Etisalat hotline number 1727 to check the available numbers

Step 2

Our customer service agent will check and confirm the available number and the category

Step 3

Once you confirm the number, the customer service agent will reserve the number under your NIC

Step 4

After the reservation is confirmed you will be directed to the nearest flagship store

Step 5

Speak to the customer service representative in the flagship store and request for the VIP number by submitting your NIC

Terms and Conditions

• The VIP number activation is valid only for Post Pay packages.
• Customer to visit the nearest flagship store within 3 working days, if not the requested number will be made available in the pool.
• Customer to submit the NIC number for verification.
• Customer to pay the number fee upfront before the activation.